What is your learning style?


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What is your learning style?

Student at work

Student at work


By thinking about your preferred style, you can try and apply this to learning new things. If you're able to use your natural style, you're likely to find learning much easier and quicker.


In this activity you will find out how you learn best in order to maximise your learning potential.

Activity 1: What kind of learner are you?

Take a few minutes to reflect on your working routine and think about what activities you like doing when you learn. What situations are you most comfortable with? For example, do you feel the need to write things down or do you prefer to talk to others?


Read the following statements and tick the THREE boxes that best apply to you.

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Activity 2: What do learners say?

Look below at the four statements which represents four different learning styles
Learning Styles


Match each statement with the learning style that it represents by choosing an option from the drop down list

1. " Been there! Seen it! Done! "

" Blue: Hmm! – I’ll think about it "

" Read it – know all about it"

" Can we fix it – Yes, we can "

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