Introduction to the Teaching English for Academic Purposes Course


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Introduction to the Teaching English for Academic Purposes Course


The activities here are aimed at providing you with an introduction to the Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) course. They should familiarise you with the content and the thinking behind the design and sequencing of the course. 


By the end of this introduction you should be able to: • outline the core course components • explain how the course components are sequenced • state the tasks and amount of study expected in a typical week • outline the assignment and its links to the ILOs and the weekly topics

Activity 1: Course content

The aim of this task is to familiarise you with the components of the course and the intended learning outcomes.


How much do you know about the course?

You can try the quiz below and then check with the course documents Or

You can read through the following documents and then try the quiz  


Teap Course Outline & Timetable

TEAP Assignment Information (find on Moodle)


Who is the course aimed at?


What can you expect to learn? 

How many units of work/weekly sessions are there?

Which of the following could a typical weekly cycle involve?

Look at the timetable and the course outline. How many hours a week would you expect to study? 

Where can you find help?

Activity 2: Course Assessment

The aim of this task is to familiarise you with the assessment criteria and the assignments


Read the ‘assignment brief’ and answers the questions below.

TEAP Assignment brief (find on Moodle)


How many components are there to the assignment?

True or false?


tick icon cross icon
Each part is the same length and so equally weighted
The text(s) to analyse for Part 2 are provided
You select your own topic for Part 3
Part 3 includes a lesson plan
As all components relate to practical applications they do not require much background reading
They are all due at the end of the course
There are detailed criteria for each part

Would you like to review the main points?

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