New how to take good notes


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New how to take good notes

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The lectures that you attend on your course can provide important information for assignments, exam revision or simply help to extend your knowledge of your own subject. For this reason, it is important that you are able to take good notes while listening to a lecture.


In this activity you will explore how to make a good set of lecture notes. You will also identify some useful techniques for taking notes in English while listening.

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Additional Resources

One way to practice your listening and note-taking skills is to listen to the news on a regular basis and to try to note down the main ideas. Use the newsgrid (45KB) to help you.

Use this newsgrid

For more help with listening and note-taking, see Lynch 2004. (Lynch, 2004)

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Activity 2: Time saving techniques for note-taking

A student on an online course in Business Studies made some notes during a lecture on B2B Enabling Technologies. Part of the lecture focused on problems concerning the use of the Internet for business to business transaction purposes.


Study the student's notes on this part of the lecture and then look at the list of note-taking techniques below. Tick the boxes next to the techniques that she used in her notes. Then check the feedback.

Student's notes: B2B enabling technologies & their problems Internet made automation of B2B transactions poss. BUT some probs. linked to: 1. SCALE E.g. Large orgs. needs integrat. with many B partners (= e.g. extern. suppliers) so interoperable applics. Required

2. INTEGRAT. OF SERVICES a) some servs. autonomous - diffic. to make transactional b) many servs. that change need integrat. - so flexib'y needed

3. SECURITY & PRIVACY Bs. need confid. that transactions safe At pres. only large orgs. do this because time-consuming proc. 

Additional Resources

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Dependent resources that you might wish to consider including are: a Word doc for the learner to complete; a transcript of an audio or a text for offline reading in pdf format.

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1) Lynch, Tony (2004) Study Listening: A Course in Listening to Lectures and Note Taking. Cambridge: CUP

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