what is a sentence?


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what is a sentence?


A sentence is a group of words put together in a complete, meaningful way. It expresses a thought, statement, question, wish, command, suggestion, or idea. We use sentences every day when we’re writing and speaking. What’s more, a sentence combines words in a grammatically correct way. 


Be able to recongnize or write a correct senctence.

Activity 1: What's Subject

A subject is the main thing a sentence is about. In a sentence, all verbs need a subject; it’s the person or thing that is doing something.


Simple Subject A simple subject is the main word that tells what a sentence is about:

The big dog went to the county fair.

c. Compound Subject When two or more subjects in a sentence use the same verb, it makes a compound subject:

The big dog and the small cat went to the county fair.

d. Complete Subject A complete subject includes all of the words that tell what a sentence is about:

The big dog and the small cat went to the county fair.

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Find out the subjects of the following sentences.

1.Pumas are large, cat-like animals which are found in America.

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what is a sentence?

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