How to Enlarge English Vocabularies?



How to Enlarge English Vocabularies?

It's not so hard if you try

Enlarging English Vocabularies


The lectures that you attend on your course can provide important information for you to master the skill of enlarging English vocabularies. It will be delivered through series of the activities, and it is important that you are able to apply the keys to the daily practice.


In this activity you will explore how to enlarge English vocabularies through daily activities. You will also identify some useful techniques for remembering the words consistently.

Activity 1: What can we do to learn more vocabularies?

Think about the how you usually learn new vocabularies and list out at least 5 effective ways you had used.


Answer the questions about enlarging English vocabularies with YES or NO and see whether you had used them before. Then read the feedback.

1. Do you make the list about the new words and check it frequently?

2. Do you think it is good to use the familiar words in conversations?

3. Would you like to try some vocabulary games for expanding more words?

4. Do you think it is good to remember words alone?

5. Is online dictionary useful for enlarging vocabularies?

6. Is it an only way to recite the words one by one?

7. Can I learn vocabularies out of classroom without textbooks?

8. Is it embarrassing to ask about the meaning of the word?

Additional Resources

For more reference and tips on vocabulary expansion visit Fluentu see the article by yuliyageikhman  

Activity 2: Enlarging vocabulary by MIND MAPPING & COLLOCATION ASSOCIATION

Enlarging vocabulary is by no means a dull and tiresome task. There are indeed some aids that could help you turn it into a fun! 


Write down some interesting and effective ways to develop vocabulary that you have been using and evaluate the effectiveness of each. Then finish the practice below and check the feedback.

When you see a word "fruit”, how many other words will appear in your mind?  Check the ones you think relevant.

There is a collocation relationship between English words, especially between adjectives and nouns or verbs and nouns. Check the word you think could go with the word "film". Then check the feedback.

Additional Resources

1. A mind map is a tool for learning new things like vocabulary words and expressions. In fact, mind maps are so practical, they are used often in the business and world during meetings to organize ideas! Mind maps essentially work in a similar way that our brains do (hence the name)—by organizing a list of items into categories. We remember things better when they are in groups of related (similar) things, and thus mind maps work well.

See the video clip below to know more about mind map


2. Collocation is an essential part of English grammar. There are lot of benefit if you practice it in your vocabulary-learning process.

For more information on collocation, see English collocation

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