Chinese Pop 4 (Post beginners' Level) 一封家书 Yì fēng jiā shū


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Chinese Pop 4 (Post beginners' Level) 一封家书 Yì fēng jiā shū

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A Letter to Home.

This song 一封家书 Yì fēng jiā shū A Letter to Home was a hit in 1990s. Singer and song writer 李春波 Li Chunbo wrote a letter to his mum and dad from Beijing. The lyrics is suitable for post beginners. You will learn to use Chinese question endings, measure word and familiarise with Chinese date format and letter format.


By the end of the activity, you will have learnt:

Activity 1:


  1. listen to the song at
  2. fill in the gaps while listening
  3. read feedback and transcript (Additional resources, Word doc)
  4. fill in the work sheet while listening if you want to do a more challenging task

亲爱的爸爸妈妈,你们好(  )

现在工作很忙(  )

爸爸每天(  )上班吗?

我买(  )一(  )毛衣

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date format

____年____月 ____号

Identify the characters below and select corresponding Pinyin


Additional Resources

my resource Chinese Pop 4 lyrics (Word doc 26K)

my resource Work Sheet (Word doc 26K)


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