Quels temps fait-il?


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Quels temps fait-il?

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We are learning how to improve our pronunciation of French weather vocabulary. 

Activity 1: "Quels temps fait-il?" song


Listen to this song several times. You should see recognise most of vocabulary. Look out for any new words that you may not know and we will share them with the class. Think carefully about the sounds of the words that are written as you will be writing them in the next task.

Now fill in the blanks for weather vocabulary from the song. You will notice that  two of them which begin with "fr" so it does not matter which order you write these "fr" answers in!


il fait ch il fait du sol il fait fr il fait du v il fait fr il n

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Activity 2: La météo en France aujourd'hui.

La météo en France aujourd 'hui.


With a partner you will create a weather forecast (la météo) to present to the class, describing today's weather in different French towns and cities. Use your map of France and decide on at least three places and three different types of weather to use in your forecast. Remember to concentrate on good pronunciation, using what you have heard in the song. You can listen to the song again to help you. Also, remember to use what we have already learned about places:  "à Paris il fait chaud" .

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