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What is LOC?

The Learning Object Creator is an authoring tool designed to help educators create effective online learning materials with little or no technical knowledge.

LOC has been developed by the LLAS Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies at the University of Southampton. To access and use LOC, you will need to attend a workshop with LLAS in which you will receive training in using the authoring tool and the pedagogical implications of writing online materials.

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“The pedagogy behind the LOC helps to ensure best practice in materials design…Using the LOC has…increased my understanding of effective online learning material.”

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Carole MacDiarmid, University of Glasgow

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by Fedor

One of the problems of modern science, including medicine, it to visualize small objects and project the image on a large screen. In conventional systems, to provide sufficient illumination of the screen, it is necessary to illuminate the object with a beam of high power, which may be unacceptable...
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It's important to develop good clear mental image for what you are studying. This activity will help you "see" the nature and scope of operations management, and how operations management relates to other parts of the organization.  "Operations Management"
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The lectures that you attend on this course can provide important information for extend your knowledge of nondesrtuctive visual testing.
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An economic indicator is a piece of economic data, usually of macroeconomic scale. Economic indicators are key statistics that indicate the direction of an economy. Some of the basic macroeconomic indicators are based on the System of National Accounts and include Gross National Product (GNP),...
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The module provides activities to extend your vocabulary and information about Steam Turbines